I’m Julien Demare

an E-Commerce expert based in Amsterdam

specialised in Payments and Fraud Prevention

More than 14 years of experience working with retailers, airlines, hotels, digital, gaming, mobility…

More about me?

I could give you thousands of links more interesting than this webpage but you seem to have a good reason to know more about me…

Want some personal information? Born and raised in Normandy, France. My informal education was creating multiple websites during my childhood and being involved in open-source software development. I moved to The Netherlands when I was 22 and quickly joined the E-Commerce industry.

My job history:

  • Solution Consultant at Accertify
  • Head of Managed Risk Services at Fraugster
  • Risk Officer at Adyen
  • Professional Services Consultant at Accertify
  • Independent consultant with my company Byvry BV
  • Payments and Anti-Fraud Manager at Richemont
  • Fraud Analyst at Nike
  • Customer Service at TomTom

But really you could have simply looked up my LinkedIn profile.

Obsessed with self-development. I try to become 1% better everyday.

Learner, reader, runner.

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